Understand what DEVELOPERS think about HandySends

Understand what DEVELOPERS think about HandySends

The purpose of this study is to share the importance of seamless communication with clients using HandySends’ purposeful programming language and enhanced security features that resulted in inefficient service and further strengthening the business relationship with clients.

A Python Developer, by profession, Abhishek is responsible for writing and testing code, integrating applications with third-party web services and handling debugging programs. In order to manage all the above roles efficiently, he needs a smart and reliable communication solution that will help him remain connected with his customers at all times.

When our team chatted with Abhishek recently during the lockdown 3.0, it was clear that HandySends support and highly functional features have continually helped him focus in his work and expanded his reach whilst the world was in a standstill. Ever since the commencement, HandySends has strived to be the best possible email marketing service provider with a smart solution and security features that Abhishek highly recommends for fellow developers.

He shares his HandySends’ experience.

Base Location
Chennai, Southern India

Science & Technology


With an increase in client demand, Developers find it challenging to meet client’s satisfaction, developers due to the unreliable and inconsistent communication channels.
89.8% of clients worldwide feel involved, relieved, and participated when they are updated on the progress by their developer and it simply builds trusts along with the progressing project.

  • Communicating with his customers was always a challenge


HandySends offered a customer engagement platform that was created keeping developers in mind and this proved extremely useful. The platform empowers Developers like Abhishek, to communicate with their customers at all times using multiple communication mediums like email, SMS, and Whatsapp.

In addition, HandySends platform has great SDK features that support (7) seven programming languages such as

  • Phyton
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • C Sharp

Significantly technology-driven attributes:

  • Robust Email documentation
  • Interactive UI,
  • Real-time analytics and
  • Cross or collaboration support

Enhanced Security Features:

  • IPX management,
  • API key permission and
  • 2- factor authentication.


Abhishek’s communication has impacted his client response, and he is extremely happy with the hassle-free service, Abhishek, who also runs a community called GDG has partnered with HandySends and highly recommends their initiative to offer 3 months free services that are extremely handy. All you need to do is share the code GDGHANDY and you are good to go.

If you are looking for reliable, effective, and highly secured features that facilitate hassle-free communication and help create build a great client relationship that will have a great positive impact on the business–HandySends is the result of your search.

With the unlimited email solution and bridging all communication channels, He is a happy developer.

Bottom Line

HandySends is the perfect solution for consistent and uninterrupted communication at all levels.

  • Reliable, Robust features ensure high-deliverability
  • Highly secured, smart 2-factor authentication
  • Delivery obsessed.

HandySends is a proven email service provider, It is a developer’s delight as it offers a multitude of programming language, surety features, and highly dependable email service. All in all a great tool to flatten all your service glitches.

Goal: Engage, support, and serve customers digitally

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