Seamless email delivery, complete solution with Twilio SendGrid platform

Seamless email delivery, complete solution with Twilio SendGrid platform

MECACA Global Network Sdn Bhd, a renowned Digital Marketing Agency that markets and makes the interactive experience with a key focus on execution.

Founded in 2016, the brand kicked off by consulting Malaysia’s SME on digital Solutions & Strategies and within 2 years started building e-commerce Sites for the clients who could now sell online.

MECACA knows how to make your digital marketing effective and eye-catching and thus takes a cohesive approach in creating highly engaging digital marketing & brand focused creative solutions.

MK Chan is the founder & CEO of MECACA, managing and spearheading business development, with a vision to partner & collaborate with other businesses, especially those in the IT industry. He aims to work closely with Malaysia’s brands for global expansion.

Currently, Mr. CHAN is involved in launching Landing page. CC, software that enables the user to launch digital campaigns in just 3 hours.

Being a digital marketing company- email is of great importance and the most effective
A tool that a real deal for businesses like MECACA since it has the flexibility to resell services to clients. It also builds a continuous relationship with clients supported by uninterrupted communications.
A brand like this must have a planned email solution that fits the company’s and client’s requirements impeccably.

It is a simple process to implement SendGrid email technology



MECACA is a highly predictive digital solution provider adept in building e-Commerce ecosystem using the 4P eCommerce methodology [Platform, Payment, Parcel & Personnel]

Malaysia, Asia


Solutions Used
SendGrid as an API and SMTP


MECACA was assisted by two email service providers with budget-friendly proposition during its start-up phase to set up an eCommerce platform. Both the service providers kept changing their business model, and this was a matter of great concern and stability.

MECACA team landed with a task of Email Vendor Evaluation and the two key criteria for evaluating were services and support.

Feeling limited by the existing providers, the team needed an email partner that would offer

  • Support in creation of pertinent content,
  • Developing and nurturing an excellent email database,
  • Incorporation of multiple systems,
  • Result-driven email marketing approach and
  • Positive ROI.

We were lacking behind with:

  • Stability and reliability

We wanted to be able to effortlessly handle email deliverability as well any other transactional emails

The result – Better KPI strategies to achieve our business goals

  • Convert subscribers into paid customers

We wanted to progress with our email campaigns and own the deliverability output; which was not possible with our old email service providers.

  • Falling into Spam mail

To achieve seamless customer experience, having integrated marketing communications is essential.

Additionally Instil belief in Malaysian business that email marketing is the next best thing Share importance of transactional emails, ease of use, and deliverability whilst growing Remain flexible to resell services to existing clients.


During research for transactional Emails, MK CHAN was highly impressed to read about SendGrid’s leading position as a Transactional email leader. They were the most preferred service provider and were supported by several big brands.

After evaluation and research Twilio SendGrid stood out to MK CHAN and his team for the following deliverables.

First impression–The Trial Plan
[Impressive product experience made us opt for SendGrid immediately post the product tour. Both I and the team believe getting a thorough product experience is a must]

Brand Presence–A strong Client base
[The clientele that SendGrid had–was enough to convince and invite MECACA to join the evolving ecosystem]

Development Solution–Transactional Emails & referral marketing
[SendGrid’s transactional emails were exactly what the team was looking for–email delivery issues were now managed effortlessly and without any hassle. Referral marketing helped us build our client email list by 300%]

Flexible execution – API Integration
[Using a few steps of linking with API while using CMS, one can seamlessly integrate and implement SendGrid–impressive email technology].

Seamless Communication–grow and improve service level
[Glitch-free communication, a provider who continuously works towards improvement and offers reliable service, minimum communication glitches, and exceeded service delivery].

Increased data integration–grow an email list
[SendGrid can feed wide-ranging, reliable, and robust data into the system which in itself is an achievement in data integration].

A reliable and scalable platform–Optimum solution provider
[Complete solution for our clients – Implementing SendGrid into the Landing page tools has enabled users and client to stay well-informed with emails without losing on important updates]


Partnering with SendGrid has helped us achieved our marketing goals, overcome challenges, and exceed customer expectations.

The overall sub-user features had fit in perfectly with the business requirement. Now it is simple since we can easily let clients handle their dashboard and check reports. This has helped us curb the expenses we earlier invested in resources.

We are confident that for every single development irrespective of the size and category of the website (Single website or e-commerce website), we will only use SendGrid as an SMTP. This ensures that all crucial information (such as lead data, client information) is now securely handled and delivered to all our clients and users.

Bottom Line

Twilio SendGrid is the apt solution for a company like us because of it:

  • Unmatched reliability
  • Great Experience, express service and
  • Highly professional team and Impressive Email technology
  • Development solutions
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Enhanced Deliverability

As a digital service provider, we needed an email partner who offered reliable, flexible, and innovative email technology. With Twilio SendGrid, we improved our email deliverability, strengthened our responsiveness, stabilized our services by running programs and campaigns to gain insights, and most importantly identify KPI.

SendGrid consultants guide us to check the bounce email, which falls into their suppression section; it is now reliable and highly stable. The right of association for the move for marketing.

MECACA has trusted on joint partnership with SendGrid for its transactional sends, deliverability and expert service .

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