HandySends with its technology EMERGES winners

HandySends with its technology EMERGES winners

Email marketing isn’t a channel – it’s one layer of a customer-centric company. This case study reveals how effective yet valuable it is to use email and SMS marketing strategy to grow a business in record time.

Indian Startup wanted to incorporate a marketing platform that would help them align their business goals and at the same time offer a great experience to its members They pulled it off within 12 months by implementing smart use of email marketing and SMS support by HandySends.

HandySends provided them a platform with a dedicated IP address that ensured that each email hits the right mailbox. They succeeded in achieving the single, measurable goal and now are a happy brand with more than 10,000 Community members.

Building a profitable business with email is very different than using email to build a profitable business

  • How EMAIL and SMS marketing solved the challenge of reaching out to community members.
  • INDIAN STARTUP Uses HandySends to reach out to its community members and keep them updated with all that’s going on.

For many businesses, start-ups reaching out to their target audience in a timely and scheduled manner is often a distant dream. Yet this is a real need for the emerging market. By organizing and introducing smart marketing techniques through email – SMS campaigns and email deliverability, one can increase yield and see positive results.

The purpose of this case study is to share the importance of email marketing communication and email deliverability services HandySends’ purposeful marketing and transactional emails has resulted positively for Mr. Deepak Srinivasan.

HandySends has been one of the most effective email marketing tools to build the client base. The capacity to set and improve content, design beautiful email designs, send alerts instantly to the contacts has been irreplaceable while starting or initiating business, and keeping everyone connected in the process.

A progressive Startup company owner, Deepak Srinivasan, runs Indian Start-up, a community comprising members who are founder start-up members and entrepreneurs. The objective of Indian Startup is to create opportunities for its members in their entrepreneurial journey in various verticals, such as events, activities, and webinars.

To improve communication between him and the community members, he needed a smart and reliable communication solution that will help him send emails to their mailboxes without and hassle and communicate and keep them updated off all the updates of events, webinars and other activities with instant alerts and notifications using the SMS marketing tool.

Our team met Deepak to understand what were his challenges and how HandySends email and SMS marketing has helped him achieve his goal.

Deepak Srinivasan shares his candid HandySends’ experience.

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Indian Startups was looking for a way to reach its community members and boost overall brand awareness and create new members. Reaching out o them and sending instant alerts and notification was a challenge. Besides, the lack of a dedicated IP address kept his mails away from the target mailboxes.

  • Communicating with his community members through a dedicated IP address
  • Sending attractive emails with engaging content
  • Sending Instant alerts and notification about the upcoming events, webinars, and other activities


Today, SMS and Email Marketing have become two of the most trusted communication medium as they help the brand connect with its clients directly. Every start-up businesses need a flexible and affordable tool to reach their existing clients and target customers and HandySends provided the tools that helped Indian Start-up solve its challenge instantly.

HandySends offered technical assistance with the best practices tool. The tools helped Deepak to bridge all communication gaps communicate with their customers at all times using multiple communication mediums like email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Significantly technology-driven attributes for Indian Startup resulted in:

  • Impactful EMAIL marketing
  • Instant SMS alerts and updates
  • Seamless communication
  • Happy Community members
  • A large operative network


HandySends’ SMS and email marketing impacted the challenges and brought a positive, desirable change. HandySends Email marketing provided Indian Startup with a dedicated platform that helped them not only to design beautiful email but assigned a dedicated IP address which facilitated them to reach the right customers and deliver emails to their mailboxes aptly.

Easy to implement methods and with the efficient SMS and Email marketing tools, Indian Startup now has remarkably grown from 3000 members to 10,000 community members within a short span of 1 year.

They have established a great bond with their community members and are glad they have a smart tool that helps them send updates, notification, and alerts promptly.

Owing to the plethora of benefits provided by HandySends SMS Service, many startup companies prefer HandySends SMS over the conventional marketing channels.

Deepak, who runs Indian Startups, has partnered with HandySends and highly recommends them, for they are the most reliable and result-driven email service provider. If you are looking for reliable, effective, and highly secured features that facilitate hassle-free communication and help create build great client relationships, HandySends is just the right email support platform.

With a growth of over 225%, Deepak now has 10,000 community members. All communication and alerts are seamlessly handled.

He highly recommends HandySends for their services.

Bottom Line

HandySends is the perfect solution for an impactful and effective solution provider for all your business communications,

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Highly effective and efficient marketing tools
  • Instant SMS alerts and support mechanism
  • Result-driven organization

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