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Notify with Confidence Series 5 – Experience the Ultimate Customer Experience with Inbound Marketing

Connect your customers with tailored content. Inbound marketing directs potential customers to your business by connecting them with tailored content. Content marketing, Email Marketing, blogs, events, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other types of pull marketing are all used in inbound marketing to increase brand exposure and to attract new business. The customer […]

Notify with Confidence Series 4 – Generate Qualified Leads via Email Marketing

Target the right audience to gain qualified leads Email marketing allows you to engage with your audience in order to advertise your business and boost sales. Your company will not be able to exist without a steady stream of clients. That's why, in order to grow your customer base and enhance sales, you need to […]

Notify with Confidence Series 3 – Beginner’s Guide on Transactional Email Program

Understand transactional email to gain enormous user engagement rates. A transactional email is a robotized email between a sender and a beneficiary. It contrasts with a marketing email in that transactional email is set off by occasions, collaborations, or applications instead of by a company's marketing campaign. Therefore, transactional email is sometimes called "triggered" email. […]