Email Marketing stands out as a clear WINNER!

Email Marketing stands out as a clear WINNER!

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication and amongst the most lead source. It stands just few steps behind all social media channels in terms of reach but surpasses all the channels and lead sources by a whooping percentage. Email marketing is the answer to all your bounce, spam and poor email deliverability. This should not come to you as a surprise at all, as Email Marketing takes a stride in the field of direct response marketing – this has now been recommended and announced as the most effective channel of communication.

We have no question in our mind that email marketing is one of the key opportunities for almost any marketing team. In thinking so, the first thing that hits your mind is the launch emails, promos, campaigns for new product, launch adverts Some of the Sales & Marketing teams must put in some brain storming to plan the email marketing and transactional emails delivery. Very frequently, these of course do not fall under the dominion. In this case study throughout this article, we’ll give you the apt reason why email marketing is important and how well you can streamline and maximize the potential of your communication.

Email marketing is more than just a communication medium – it is a responsible, reliable and dependable tool.This case study discloses an interesting find as to how smart marketing can bring wonderful results and helps regain confidence and trust which are crucial for Sales & Marketing and other chain communication.

Today team HandySends met Kaushik Kannan, the enchanting, effervescent personality who with his engaging storytelling and entrepreneur skills has taken the world in a mesmerizing rendezvous. We met him to understand what he experienced as HandySends partner and how has the email marketing facilitated him with his work.

Kaushik takes care of the Sales & Marketing segment at Chennai Storytellers and at the same time enjoys the attention he grabs as a storyteller Go floaters, being in the profession he is, he is required to communicate with his clients through email and cannot expect a communication break. Additionally Kaushik runs a community for Sales & Marketing and thus his responsibility to build, nurture and expand all largely depends on his communication – he needs tools that are top notch to keep his stay on top.

Email Marketing offers the right solution with proven–Marketing results

  • HandySends Email marketing offered smart promotional and prompt transactional email support that solved the challenge of reaching the community members and clients.
  • Kaushik Kannan Uses HandySends to reach out to its community members and achieve skyrocketing numbers in just few months.


The most important component of an email campaign is to ensure you are supported by a reliable email deliverability support, so that you can make sure your emails are hitting the right mailboxes. W often tends to keep this aside and focus on other things that are less important. The open& click rate is a clean insight that the sender receives and is able to identify where his email is landing – whether you have great content or the design is mind-blowing – unless your email deliverability is not in place these factors are of least importance.

This is what troubled Kaushik for a long time and finally now he enjoys hassle-free email communication. This has resulted in most effective results – Happy clients – happy sender.

Kaushik Kannan shares a lovely experience and recommends HandySends Email Marketing tool to enhance your deliverability and reach.


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Kaushik Kannan being in a profession of Sales & Marketing had to communicate effortlessly with his client, since it is imperative to have a strong communication system and one that is dependable, reliable and does not result in bounce email, spam or low email deliverability. He was unable to reach his target since his communication was not as effective as expected and thus the results were not as forecasted.

  • Communicating with his community members was a challenge
  • Sending attractive emails with engaging content and on multiple platform was not possible
  • A 24×7 support system was not available
  • Well formulated set-up to support his marketing was disrupted
  • Sending Instant alerts and notification about the upcoming events, webinars, and other activities was not possible.


Kaushik partnered with HandySends and is an active Email Marketing user – he has over the time experienced a lot of positive changes that he now enjoys and shares with all. He also recommends HandySends for all marketing support. HandySends provided the tools that helped Kaushik Kannan resolve the above challenge effectively.

HandySends offered smart email marketing solution assistance with the best practices tool. The tools helped Kaushik bridge all communication gaps he earlier faced with his clients and his community members using multiple communication platforms like email, SMS, Whatsapp and also create beautiful, attractive emails using the various templates provided by Handysends quantam builder.

Significantly technology-driven attributes for Kaushik Kannan resulted in:

  • Result-driven EMAIL marketing
  • Uninterrupted communication
  • NO Bounce and SPAM emails
  • Send attractive emails using the templates
  • Improved deliverability
  • Working on multiple platform


HandySends email marketing impacted the challenges and brought a positive desirable change… HandySends Email marketing offered Kaushik Kannan with a steady yet result-driven solution. He is simply amazed with the kind of support that HandySends has been extending 24×7, perfect set-up, well aligned processes and variety in email templates simply makes him experience a hassle-free communication with his clients and community members.

He can now use a number of templates and create engaging and attractive emailers and reach out to his clients and community members without any hassle.

The email he sends now reached the clients mailbox and not SPAM folder, this increased the deliverability score and also reduced Bounce rate. This is one of the many advantages that HandySends offers to all companies both mid-max and mega range enterprises.

Kaushik is a happy entrepreneur now and is all smiles for brilliant output.

Bottom Line

HandySends, the most preferred Email Service provider. The services offered by HandySends provides perfect solution for an impactful and effective business communications,

  • Steady communication
  • Uninterrupted emails
  • Reduced Bounce rate
  • Minimized SPAM mails
  • Highly effective and efficient marketing tools
  • Instant SMS alerts and support mechanism
  • Result-driven organization

HandySends simply upsurges Your business without even making its impact felt.

NOTE: Email deliverability is an important and integral part of the big picture. Successful email marketing is NOT about content, look & feel and smart use of call to actions. It is the complete process and the journey.

In order to have impactful results – we must have our basics RIGHT. Here in this case, Mr. Kannan is now relieved to have the support of email marketing and is happy to see the deliverability score. You want to see your business grow and create brand awareness – experience HandySends email marketing tools – you will simply love the experience that many clients like Mr. Kannan did.

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