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Importance of Cloud-based email marketing

Cloud-Based Email 

Cloud-based email marketing is often acknowledged as the treasure of unexplored wonders; which over the years is getting its recognition and acceptance globally. It is indeed ‘the chance’ to instill interests and keep your clients engaged since they will be working directly on the web and handling an organized, uninterrupted hassle with mailing lists and other online updates.

How important is the cloud that can be mapped with the way we all interact online? It has drastically changed the way we conduct our work, entertain and communicate, it amazes us to think; we are no longer required to download software or videos on our system, we simply can access what is required and thus cloud has made our life better and experiences enhanced.

One of the important sections of Cloud technology that is swiftly accepted by a majority of organizations is cloud-based email marketing. This is solely because they want to experience high yield, increased productivity, and systematic workflow.

As every day with the dynamic world and technological progression, our learning and technological evolution continues, we must steadily imbibe the maturity and benefits of Cloud-based marketing, which is adept at providing improved work efficiency and client management.

Unlike all other muted responses of various digital marketing attempts online to gain exponential popularity with a wider drift, cloud computing is the ‘most happening marketing technique with greater cost management, higher competitive advantages, and faster revenue upsurge (growth). In just over two decades, Cloud-based email marketing has secured an increased number of tech-savvy industries and organizations to accept the result-oriented trend, more than anything else businesses and industry leaders are running their organization in the ‘most ‘effective manner, retain their client base, and increase the bottom line. (301)

Understanding the difference between Clouds based on email marketing and manual desktop email sending is important. Email marketing is a growing trend amongst all professionals and industries. If you are still managing your manual custom email marketing system and are planning to migrate, read the benefits that cloud-based email marketing has to offer.

In short, a cloud-based email marketing system allows you to:

  • Deliver maximum emails in minimum time;
  • Offers numerous flexible options for sending emails;
  • Retrieve and save your important data securely in the cloud archive
  • Amend or Edit your email list 24×7
  • Use the advantages of analytics tools;
  • Select from a range of service plans suiting your budget and need.

In case you have doubts about how secure your data is when it is resting on the cloud, well HandySends stringent security measures assure your data privacy since we have multiple layers of digital protection and security mechanisms.

Affordable Costs

If we are asked to compare the advantages of cloud-based email marketing over maintaining your in-house email infrastructure, simply consider the cost element such as staff recruitment, hardware installation, maintenance and repair, Software purchase, storage and security measures, and other ancillary expenses such as purchasing of the handset–all these and more will over the time add up as the company or organization grows, the software will demand upgrade, infrastructure maintenance, and resource expansion. When you opt for cloud-based email marketing–all the above factors are irrelevant, so you save on all these and more.

Simple Resource

Your ability to induce and upgrade software from a committed point (central server) can help you eliminate unwanted stress and time, all your work will be deployed through a simple updating mechanism, well-controlled and coordinated 24×7.

Prompt Execution

When the request for including additional users is received, it is responded to swiftly and with higher efficiency. Large organizations that often have to provide access to key stakeholders on an ongoing process can be handled in quick succession.

Demand-Based Payments

Cloud-based email marketing offers you the benefit of managing your payments well. While it is quite practical to incurring expenses about the purchase of various software’s and mainframe hardware for an in house email infrastructure time and on and sometimes without any intimation (due to a sudden breakdown), you can simply pay for how much space you need currently and keep on increasing based on your usage and actual need. Companies have saved a large margin and maintained a great flow-through.

Sales Management

Based on your enterprise or industry and the services you offer, the email marketing cycle can be anywhere between daily, weekly, and even monthly. Managing the various prospects that are available in the multiple stages of the sales cycle manually can be a cumbersome and painful task. When Cloud computing was not introduced, the Marketing and Sales team had to prepare daily, weekly and monthly MIS and reports in spreadsheets to keep track of the progress and information updated. This, however, was not an optimal solution. Cloud-based marketing has changed the scenario altogether and with tools dedicated for this purpose, we are marching ahead effortlessly.


While you are planning to outsource your email marketing with a known service provider, you ought to keep in mind, you will be working with individuals who will be your extended hands for email operations. These extended hands are industry experts and have great knowledge concerning email management and thus you are working in an environment where you need not worry about the micro matters and only focus on the big picture since proficiency matters.

“Cloud-based marketing are cloud-based services that aid the data identification and delivery of emails and other data such as Newsletters, emailers where content determines impression which then follows as potential client building”

Cloud based

Is cloud-based email marketing secure?

Research and surveys across the globe have highly leveraged organizations and enterprises their dependency on cloud computing solutions. These factors have favorably increased demand for cloud services as the result is overwhelming. Many professionals also believe that cloud-based email marketing has swelled their brand presence and productivity however many have questioned concerns about the security aspect.
There are indeed cyber threats as the cloud infrastructure de seem like a treasure–but what has emerged is an integrated, multiple layer security feature by default with cloud-based services.

Cloud-based email marketing operates on the parallel principle and norm the same as the web-based email clients. It allows simple access to its users, which is supported by easy navigation. Each feature and files are accessible and are carefully stored on the cloud without taking much space in your physical computer system. These days most of the cloud computing services provided by our google mail (Gmail) FB and even Insta are all cloud-based applications, unknowingly we all are using these applications, where our data is being stored to a cloud-hosted server and is accessible for use later on–all the data shared are extremely valuable for business and thus stored in a secure, online network connection.