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Email Marketing Has The Answer To Everything

Email marketing has been around perpetually. It’s the most immediate and successful method of connecting with your leads, supporting them, and transforming them into customers, reliably prevailing upon any remaining marketing channels.

Email marketing is yet going onward and is conceivably the most ideal strategy to develop your business.

The statistics shown below are the proof.

Email Marketing stats 2
Source: Statista

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing just as an exceptionally powerful computerized marketing strategy that assists you with connecting with your audience to promote your brand and helps in lead generation. Email marketing is used to share some news, for lead generation, and to build a community around your brand. Powerful marketing emails convert possibilities into customers, and transform one-time purchasers into faithful, raving fans.

Modern email marketing has moved away from one-size-fits-all bulk mailing and rather centers on assent, segmentation, and personalization. With HandySends Email Marketing, it’s easy to track down the right email layouts for any message—regardless of whether you’re inviting new subscribers, informing customers of a deal, or wishing somebody on an event.

Why do companies need Email Marketing, and what are its benefits?

Email is certifiably not another innovation. Regardless of the assent of social media and spontaneous spam email, email remains the best-computerized marketing strategy. Indeed, it was one of the absolute first means for digital communication to show up back in 1971.

Email is just getting greater. Have a look at these statistics:

Email Marketing stat
Source: MarketingSherpa

Not having an email marketing strategy implies passing up deals and the opportunity to reinforce attachment with customers.

There are many reasons you should make email marketing one of your major concerns, yet few are recorded underneath:

  • Brand Awareness

What’s great about email is that it allows you to communicate with someone directly. Appearing in somebody’s email inbox will help your brand stay on top of mind. A customized marketing email is more effective than a social media post where you can’t be certain if somebody has seen your message. One of the significant advantages of email marketing is its adaptability.

  • Generate leads and increase your ROI

You can send an email marketing campaign to your subscribers of drive deals. Emailing a discount or an offer and Abandoned cart email are the email marketing techniques to generate leads and higher ROI.

  • Builds relationships

Email drives customer’s dedication at each phase of the purchaser journey. It’s an integral asset for building a relationship with your customer. You can make newsletters content so great that subscribers will wait for it to show up every week.

  • Preferred communication channel

Did you realize that 99% of customers browse their email consistently? That can’t be said to describe some other communication channel.

  • Large reach

What other marketing platforms allow you right away to make an impression on a large number of individuals across the world? Certainly, social media can help you spread the word among a worldwide crowd–however it’s impossible to tell who’s really perusing your content.

But Email Marketing helps you reach the customer’s inbox directly.

  • Own your Email list

If your online media vanishes someday and take your followers with it. You would be left with nothing. However, in that lies the magnificence of an email list — it’s yours.

So if all else kicks the bucket, you’ll have an immediate line of contact with individuals who are intrigued by your brand. Also, the closeness of email as a coordinated channel will carry you much nearer to that crowd.

  • Increase website traffic

Regardless of whether you’re an online business that sells items on the web or a retail store that wants to increase traffic to your site so you can bring more individuals into your store — email marketing efforts can help.

Who can help?

HandySends assists you with transcendent email solutions which drive customer engagement and achieve business targets with mind-boggling, straightforward division, versatile and frustration-free altering, and real-time analytics.

Customers choose us because of the following reasons:

  • Expected Delivery

To achieve optimal inbox delivery, uses domain authentication, compliance, deliverability coaching, and proactive ISP outreach.

  • Scale with Confidence

Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, we handle confidential emails by sending over 60 billion emails per month.

  • Email Expertise

With our 24/7 multi-channel backing system, our Support Teams are just a click away to provide you with assistance.

  • Marketing Automation

Helps you in creating tailored experiences for your customers and invites interactions in a scalable and relevant manner to help you boost sender reputation and customer retention.

Best tools for Email Marketing

There are many tools available for email marketing in the market. Without proficient tools, you may wind up investing a ton of energy creating and emailing that don’t and look stunning. This impedes efficiency while hauling down your email marketing ROI.

A ton of organizations settle for the present circumstance since they’re not prepared to put resources into a tool to improve on the process. Email marketing tools don’t need to be expensive. HandySends offers Email Marketing services at a very affordable cost.

SendGrid and Pepipost are one of the best email marketing tools and suggested by HandySends.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today with HandySends to enjoy the best Email Marketing Services at an affordable cost.