You are currently viewing Introducing V3/MAIL/SEND, HandySends’s New Mail Endpoint

Introducing V3/MAIL/SEND, HandySends’s New Mail Endpoint

The API based drivers are primarily very simple and quicker than any other SMTP servers All the API driver’s basic requirement is that it MUST have the HTTP library be installed for all your applications. You may install by adding the following line to your composer.json file:

The purpose of the v3 Mail Send endpoint is to simplify processes that significantly reduce the completion time of our RESTful Web API v3 software.

As we discuss today the public availability of v3/mail/send endpoint, our objective is to share with our global customers, aspiring developers, the latest development and would want their support for we to want them to spend time structuring their apps and accelerating their businesses worldwide—and not waste valuable time in setting up, handling and maintenance of their email infrastructure.

Are we thrilled to explore what an endpoint ushers us with?

This surely will bring in a million smiles–HandySends v3/mail/send endpoint brings you the key to a new world courtesy of HandySends Web API. 

“Over the last couple of years, our developers have been re-engineering the current API to come up with an application that will make integrations for the users easy. This will also allow users to create, build robust and deep, integrated email marketing stacks that will perfectly blend and match the business needs and objectives. 

We are proud to have come up with a version of the API which foresees future demand, you DO NOT need any immediate change or migration–you will have ample time to accept the newer version and by the time it gets stable–we will lend you the extended hand”

This trendsetting new endpoint is the outcome of multiple trend analyses, customer inputs of their personal experience, sharing pros and cons, scrutinizing support receipts, and studying open source concerns. It was important to bring a solution for the haunted global issue about v2 API. We are glad to share, our team of industry expert developers have finally found the right chord and have resolute the pertinent endpoint. 

What does that mean to experience the v3.mail/send is it will allow the developer or user with similar functionalities yet keeping the endpoint constant but adding up large focus on the ‘identity, which is one of the crucial and important facts that will value-add and bring down the ‘work-time for a developer, also known as ‘developer’s developing time”?  Just like crystals can be shaped in any form, the bundle with its adaptability or “tailor-made’ parameters, the clarity and ease of a single email converting into a customized block will be the most emblematic tool used. Of course, the Developer will now opt for the option, where he will simply set his chosen parameter for a fully customized mail send, following on he will also be able to create an identity as per specifications.

HandySends 3C advantages within v#/mail/send: [Freedom to choose, change and convert]

  • Natural instinctual capability to format with added validation and upfront.
  • A clear–structured error report, which accelerates troubleshooting and setting things right
  • A non–confusing specification of ‘identity’-redefined for great user interaction
  • Secured and enhanced testing environment for revision control and outright experimentation for high-end integration before shooting and email.

Experience the reimagined Client Library

Complementing v3/mail/send, HandySends have now introduced an enhanced client library for various programmings such as PHR, Java, C#, Rubyrail, Node.js, Python, and more which will offer developers a fresh approach right from Python to C3, It will be renewed and refurbished work environment and will enable the developers to speed up their work and create API calls. To further simplify things for our clients and subscribers, we have as well incorporated complete documentation of this collected code alone with the instantly high-end testing features for v3/mail/send feature in every library.

HandySends offers libraries to help you quickly and easily integrate with the v3 Web API in more than 6 different languages PHR, Java, C#, Rubyrail, Node.js, Python

There has been a growing trend and hence the team has constantly worked extremely hard and has scaled the uphill task to redefine and update the libraries. Each of these libraries has been experimented with, tested, edited, and integrated so we bring to the world a seamless experience. All these will be extremely helpful for our clients since each of these updated libraries will offer reliability, scalability, and of course a new dimension to email programming.

How will v2 mail endpoint users benefit?

HandySends highly acclaimed v3/mail/send endpoints for all our existing, prospective clients globally. However, all v2 mail endpoint users will be in our documentation and we shall endure to accord the same facilities as before to send emails and in the most consistent way–there will be no change or interruption.

How to get going [start] :

Anything new brings with its new advantages and new challenges, we bring you a change, an advantage. The new endpoint is a big transformation for most of the clients across, hence we have carefully come up with a v3/mail. Do browse through it, for it has every detail mentioned, and trust us–you will enjoy what you read and understand.

To step in and start–click v3/mail/send /documentation or simply watch our video.

You are required to write to us for any support required. Our team works relentlessly 24×7. Send us your queries vide.

  • Drop-in a one-note through a URL request
  • You may also send us your request through our 7 libraries

Understanding HandySends v3/mail/send Authentication

HandySends Authorization :

A very important aspect whilst using v3/mail/send is to mandatorily authenticate every API requested to send a mail. One must remember to include an Authorization header which will include the receiver category/type, check the API key which has preset permission for access and authentication.


  • The mail size should not exceed 30MB
  • The maximum number of recipients should  not exceed the 1000 email IDs
  • The emails included in the CC or BCC will also be counted in the 1000 number
  • The maximum length of arguments should not exceed 10000
  • Refrain Unicode encoding from the ‘from field’
  • No characters, symbols (except @) will be included in the To; cc; Bcc boxes
  • You may reach out to our experts by dropping in your queries at [email protected] 
  • As and when we reach the specific number assigned to refresh a content/draft per refresh period – a status code ( # 429 error code ) will appear on your screen.

HandySends Error CODE: HS[Code]

Your API calls will create an error code with a reason and message to help you debug without any difficulty. Some of the details of the most common errors are listed below:

[ERROR CODE]ReasonDetails
HS [400]UNETHICAL REQUESTThe source you requested could not be located
HS [401]ILLEGALFake Request
HS [403]PROHIBITEDYou cannot make such a request
HS [405]METHOD BARREDThe method you used for the source could not be found
HS [413]MAX PAYLOADThe payload you initiated is beyond the capacity
HS [429]EXCEEDED REQUESTSThe number of requests you tried exceeds the maximum number of requests
HS [5xx]5xx responses indicate an error made by HandySendsYour request could not be interpreted by HandySends to process it forward
HS [500]SERVER ERRORHandySends server ERROR
HS [509]SERVICE NOT AVAILABLEThis Service is not available by HandySends

Should you want to use the new v3/mail/send API endpoints, you must stay updated on the recent HandySends Blogs, releases, and News-feed. 

Updates will be rolled over a couple of next few days, you can shoot us an email and we will make sure we keep you live and posted.

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