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Email Tips For Startups

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Email Tools for Startups

Getting email right at the earliest stage of a new company is incredibly important, but spending time perfecting it often comes second to all the other demands that are placed on early-stage founders. To help out new startups, here are a few email tools to get you up and running quickly:

Inbox, Promotion, or Spam?
The good folks at Mail Poet recently put together a list of email testing tools ( The tools that are mentioned that we recommend most frequently are Litmus and Email on Acid, though Litmus charges for certain levels of testing.

How do we check our layout on multiple platforms?

There is a host of free apps/sites that allow you to see what your layout looks like on different platforms. We found this site ( particularly easy to use and there are myriad layouts to try out.

Example of a layout test on


Where can I find responsive email templates?
HandySends provides a handful of email templates for you to use. But where do you look if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Here are a few resources to get you started:

  • Email on Acid provides templates on their resources page: (
  • Zurb provides a solid foundation of templates ( to use as well.

We want to build our email template from scratch, where do we start?
HandySends provides a way for you to build your own template using either a drag-and-drop design or through the use of HTML. For more information, you can check out the Build An HTML Email Template From Scratch tutorial by Nicole Merlin.

How do you stay out of the spam folder?
HandySends provides helpful Tips & Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder best practice guide to help your messages reach your customers.

How do we know what’s happening with our emails once we send them?

HandySends provides a variety of analytics so you can review trends in order to improve your targeting.


You can also try out Expert Insights for a more detailed report that will also help filter your messages and improve deliverability.


Using pre-built tools and features such as SendGrid analytics, you can save time that might be better spent on other areas of your startup. For more information about other tools that might be helpful, check out the HandySends resources page (