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Effective Transactional Email Design

Emails that speak the language of purpose are the ones that affect the reader. Transactional Emails are electronic messages that organizations are required to send as an acknowledgment of a transaction. It might as well be used to facilitate a service or a product required by the client. The customer need not send an authorization to receive the transactional email message.

Transactional emails work beyond schedule; they are communicated to clients with information at any juncture, irrespective of where they are and what time of the day it is. These transactional email messages are usually activated by a client’s reaction to a website or an app. The most common example is invoice emails or resetting passwords.

Let’s have a look at the various components of email transactional design that commonly exist to provide exceeded experience to your clients, hence effective handling of the transactional email design is crucial as this goes a long way to retain clients and also generate new leads.

Also to be noted are the types of transactional emails, though there are more than fifteen types- we share some key categories for a better understanding of its types.

  • Password reset emails,
  • Invoice receipt emails
  • Delivery acknowledgment emails
  • Double option emails
  • Order confirmation emails
  • Shipping notification emails, legal update emails, and more.

For basic understanding let’s understand the importance one of the email design needs for one of the type of transactional email- order confirmation

An order confirmation email:

order confirmation

Considered as the most common form of transactional email, Order confirmation primarily informs the customer of a complete detail of their transaction, the product, and clear consignment details. This option usually receives an open rate between 69% to 89% (open rate means the number of emails accessed and viewed by the receiver)

Order confirmation emails are a reassurance for the clients, for it tells them the purchase details and the follow-up instructions that the company initiates post-purchase. The transaction details comfort the clients, provide the link to track the shipment and reinstate their trust with the brand.

online business

Any online business will have by default the process of delivering products, enabling clients access to your products virtually, shipment or delivery of the selected products to clients, and an authenticated receipt that guarantees the purchase seals the transaction. All these and more happen in day-to-day life in all online businesses. A smartly designed email message makes a great impact and creates an impression that lasts forever. But of course, the delivery of the email message has to hit the right mailbox, so you can avoid any miscommunication between your brand and client.

What is meant by a smart receipt design? This is another marketing technique that anchors the client’s trust in the brand and leaves a positive impact. A systematic and well–designed transactional email goes a long way because it retains clients (for they trust your brand) and maintains a healthy balance of relation and revenue.

We will share some of the trendiest transactional email design which will help you design your receipt or amend in accordance.

Composition of an effective Transactional Email framework:


The image subject line reads – Your receipt from {Brand}

This denotes a simple line yet so powerful since it expresses what it is meant for.

An important point while drafting your subject line is to bridge expectations and overexpression. Never write long subjects since that dilutes the purpose. It should mention the sender’s detail ( This is because if a client has purchased a product from the ‘Mason’ brand, and the email receipt mentions ‘From Mason’ in the subject line- the customer will be able to correlate and will trust the source and the sender both. Imagine companies who use transaction numbers or order numbers in the subject line only confuse the client. Learning – if you want instant impact and absolute open rate–mention simple and effective smart lines as above.

Creative & Expressive Pre-header does it all


The pre-header area is the section that is just under the subject line and gives the sender a second option to be more expressive.

Every transactional email receipt must utilize the pre-header section to mention important information about the product transaction.

You will be amazed to know that a mailbox provider often enables an option wherein the recipient can read the content mentioned in the pre-header section even before clicking the mail body.

Important note-what can one mention in the pre-header section

The simple option is to mention the date of purchase along with the product name. It is irrelevant to mention Credit card details, transaction details, or any other info in the pre-header section.

Make simple <Sender’s detail>in the “From” section and a <Reply-to> co-ordinates


Often recipients keep guessing the sender’s detail and in any case if they have any feedback to share they have no option left to reply. The <Reply-to> section enables the customer to write back and also clears all confusion of the sender.

Important- Mention the sender’s details –

[Brand Name] Invoice <[email protected]>

Using the name of your brand will make the client connect and the “From details” an opportunity to let the client know who is the point of contact. This will help the recipient respond to the concern without any hassle.
An operative transactional email wills also options that accept replies, meaning that it’s time to change that “no-reply” from the section.

Is NOREPLY an impactful action?

no reply

We often come across several emails that have a no-reply email address as the sender’s address. Trust us–this bugs the receiver like nothing, a customer receiving an important piece of information might at times need clarity on something and here when he clicks on reply, he is shamed by NO-reply sender details–it can be utterly frustrating.

Though from the sender’s end, they believe that this email has nothing which needs explanation or reverts back; however, this assumption is far from the truth.

What is the amount mentioned mismatches the amount deducted from the client’s account? Or simply the common fault–you receive an invoice receipt of a product that you never purchased?

The customer has to then connect to various sources or call centers to reach the concerned person. A simple mistake but creates a dark impression on the client’s mind- a client who trusted your brand will think twice to make another purchase or even respond when you send promotional emails.

Mention Credit Card/other transaction charge details clearly

Remember all the transaction receipts are a way that one can explain how the charges were made and how it will show in the statement.

This is an important part since 47% of the billing is beyond one’s understanding. Your brand might be a franchisee and show a different name in the Merchant section, hence make the statement clear with an expected statement shot or clip explaining each component.

Also, most of the time customers do tend to forget the amount after a few days of their purchase and when the same is reflected in the statement–they start dialing customer care. It is advisable to mention the charges or other transactions clearly on the receipt.

  • The following should be checked:
  • You mention the exact name of the brand and if it is a franchisee–make that clear
  • Mention only the last 4 digits of the transaction card
  • In case you wish to facilitate payment as soon as the client subscribes, please make sure to include a payment link so the subscriber can fill in the card details and help in reference as well.

Sharing Order Details is a MUST

One of the most effective segments of the email design is to ensure the specific details are mentioned for clarity

  • Details of the transaction/Transaction Number
  • Date of the transaction/purchase
  • Purchased product details
  • Charged amount

Ensure customer can print a receipt copy

When you give the option of the print-friendly pdf version of the receipt for the customer to print at ease or a download option, it makes the entire experience worthwhile for the clients. Whether they print the receipt or not-it does not matter but the option should be given.

Do not forget to engage and mention discounts & Offers

After purchase offers are always a delight, this is a way of redirecting them to your brand. Do not forget to mention the offer on the next purchase or the festive offers you would want the customer to avail of. These amuse the customer’s overall experience.

Why Authentication is a necessity?


Authentication is the cherry on the cake. Without the cherry the cake is ok, but it adds the missing ‘wow’ factor. Since transactional invoice emails are crucial and always significant, you don’t want to ignore safekeeping protocols which will in the long run offer security to your brand name.

What makes news on the runways is bound to find its way inside our system and screen. One of the most talked-about topics, Email transactional design is no different. It is important and interesting to understand what the composition is and how we can benefit from it.

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