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UI/UX Design trends that will rule 2021

With the ascent of virtual and distant working culture, UX/UI design trends have seen an extreme change consistently. Users visit many websites each day, and companies need to show additional imagination to draw their attention. Business visionaries center on the visual appeal and convenience of their web solutions to make users stay there. They watch out for the most recent UI trends to remain in the game. As a UX/UI designer, it is fundamental to stay educated about these forever-evolving trends.

In this blog, we will discuss top UX/UI design trends for 2021.


icon design

Icons are an effective tool for visual communication with users. Basic moderate icons are considered an amazing UX trend. It is about their ability to pass on meaning in less space than words.

Hence, numerous businesses play extraordinary emphasis on icons. We suggest picking symbols from a similar family. They need to have a similar size and dimension. Such consistency will show your expertise even out and the honesty of your site.

Icons assist users with perceiving an activity, an order, or a specific state quicker instead of making it harder for them to discover what they are searching for.

So we should be careful about how we create our symbols and logos later on.


3d design

3D has effectively been here for a couple of years however 2021 will be its chance to make history. Despite certain downsides to memory utilization, 3D is trending in both mobile and web applications.

Adobe XD may likewise impact the impending 3D elements in designs. It presented another feature called 3D Transforms, which could now add a different viewpoint to the forthcoming designs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence keeps on being integrated pretty much into every product. In actuality, it will profit and facilitate the designer’s work. Because of AI’s information gathering ability, designers will see more customized items that are 100% custom-made to every single person’s requirement.

Products will become familiar to users depending on their behavior, which will assist with making a customized user experience. This could prompt a higher conversion rate. Rather than designing many onboarding screens, designers will focus on delivering smoother experiences.


glassmorphism design

The glass impact appears to have made a rebound and we will presumably see more of it in 2021. Glassmorphic elements are getting more well-known day by day. These glass-looking clear elements give a distinct chain of importance to an interface.

This trend comes from the blur impact or blurred background. It appears to be like staring through the glass when people look at such an element.


Nowadays, we frequently see websites that are solely based on typography. They look very fresh and entertaining. Bold typography is perhaps the most straightforward approach for customer’s attention.

Bold typography is setting down deep roots with a direct and proactive approach and keeps on filling in 2021. Each designer realizes the importance of picking the right font for a website, or an application. Customers frequently partner with a specific font family with some huge brand.

Analyses with font families became one of the remarkable UI design trends to grab the customer’s attention. Today website designers use complex typography. They attempt to feature the important data and pass on it to customers.

Nowadays we can regularly see sites that are totally based on typography. They look new and engaging.

Voice User Interface

Voice and air gesture control are becoming increasingly popular. Interaction with voice UIs has become one of the UX trends again because of its widespread in UX/UI design.

Speech is possibly the most normal way for people to collaborate, and the innovations that empower it to keep on improving. The voice interface is an internal interface. It has more to do with context and data than with the design. By the by, designers are attempting to stay up with the most recent user experience trends and give users a voice interface increasingly.

Augmented Reality

Google and Apple have effectively presented their AR advancement platforms, ARCore and AEKit, that mix the physical and computerized worlds.

As a designer, begin extending your knowledge with the forthcoming AR UI kits. You may likewise need to consider the specific context and function of AR experiences cautiously.

You need to consider the fact that you will need to get ready and start learning new tools as a designer. The capacity to create augmented reality interfaces and 3D components may turn into a valuable skill in the forthcoming years.

Virtual Reality

There are unlimited opportunities to enhance and make exciting experiences in the Virtual Reality (VR) space. Plenty of games are coming to VR platforms.

We could consider it the web of experiences because of the impact that it has on clients. VR headsets bring the greater part of the excitement to the gaming crowd. It would likewise be an extraordinary opportunity for improving connection in education, particularly during the lockdown.

Designers should pay special attention to opportunities to make virtual spaces for collaborations. At the same time, we must be careful that not all users will have a VR headset, so we need to think about a blended solution.

Pastel colors

Since today is the day of moderation and basic website design, designers will use softly-hued colors, open landscapes, and ethereal color palettes to depict a more positive future vision in their works. Along these lines, they feature the softness of the design.

Such tones fit into different ideas well indeed. They set the right vibe and environment for various websites and set you apart from the competitors.


Neumorphism merges flat design and skeuomorphism. It is a visual style that merges colors, shapes, gradients, and shadows to guarantee components’ graphic intensity. All that permits accomplishing a delicate, expelled plastic look and practically 3D styling.

It is so popular among some UI designers while most UX experts think just the opposite.

Neumorphic UI doesn’t get along with fundamental ease of usability standards. There aren’t bunches of genuine world applications based on top of this style. But it is excellent and futuristic in terms of design. So, there might be chances to see more execution of Neumorphic UI in 2021.

Final thoughts

To prevail regarding making a remarkable and drawing in UI, attempt to pick and combine several trends.

At HandySends, we immovably accept that the fundamental aim of UI/UX design is to assist clients with accomplishing their objectives. For this reason, we track the most recent UI and UX patterns when building our products.