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HandySends Incredible Customer System Support

Communication is a must for any service or solution provider. It works as a binding stem that brings clients and providers together. Believing the quality of serving customers defines the brand function of any company. With emails, it has just been as a next to critical mission for many companies where you are required to work with an Email Service Provider that commits to serving at every edge of challenge that is evolved in work.

In a SAAS provider, the customer support holds a big sound of expression while enduring the companies solutions and services in the market. They are said to bring loyalty and work that is committed to making customers happy and trusted while answering every challenge.

We at HandySends look on with every challenge to serve every client clearly with specialized strategies serving each client differently with expertise solution to tackle all nuts with all options available and sourcing follow-up solutions in time.

HandySends R & D team owns expertise client services in finding the right solution with detailed planning option to make productive connecting by facilitating required resources

  • We help you to integrate and deliver emails in minutes
  • Making you available with an integrated support system with developed client libraries and frameworks to deliver emails seamlessly.
  • Providing answer’s through different highly professional associates.
  • Adding real-time interactive documentation that is available in 7 vivid languages including – Python, PHP, GoLang, Java, Node.js, Ruby, and C#
Customer system support
Customer support


Our Client SalesPanda started their desired storyline with our empowered customer support system, which helped them to set up their quested road map to meet their business strategies.

HandySends reached SalestPanda to know the challenges that spotted them from growing and engaging with their clients. Salesforce where provided effective support with 24/7 customer support in building emails instantly real-time emails with engaging content. They were offered a multi-platform option to connect communicate effectively.

Samit Arora, the CEO of SalesPanda has experienced our customer support and now he enjoys the sweet sours the ripping in the communication and recommends HandySends Email Service provider to others.

Not just him, we have Abhishek, a Python Developer who writes and tests code for integrated third-party web services. Whose communication continues to meet the challenges faced by the clients, but Abhisket found it difficult in communicating with his customers.

This challenge of his brought to our notice and offered him a customer engagement platform that proved extremely useful to integrate his communication network with Transactional Email, SMS, and other mediums. Also offered enhanced features IPX management with API key permission and two-factor authentication.

Get started with the Emerging Leaders, 

HandySends the official Technology Partners of NASSCOM

HandySends official partner of NASSCOM

We have partnered with the NASSCOM community which is the premier trade body and chamber of the tech industry in India that is focused on Information technology providers and the BPO industry Our expert customer-centric support resolved solutions that made clients irksome while engaging, check out the method of solutions that was advised.

HandySends Email Solutions impacted our clients effectively. We brought solutions that lifted them up in the all-rounded areas and covered every edge of the challenge.

  • Easy implementation
  • Proven Deliverability
  • Affordable Plan and Pricing rate
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Large Operating Network System
  • The integrated strategic planning method


HandySends offering Integrated email with Email API and Marketing Campaigns with effortless price and planning that are planned accordingly to fit the business requirements. HandySends also offering the latest such as And then specialized plans with integrated solutions in Essentials, Pro, and Premier that is ideal for every business source.


Start today to discover the best plan and right fit. Work seamlessly with secured email service solutions. Became an expert with us by optimizing your performance while connecting. Ensure you drive maximum business results with extended team support, evolve, and grow with the latest technological features. Join today to grow.

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