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Email Validation: A Critical Success Factor in Email Marketing

The anthology of email validation and being future-ready for life is to create success stories for businesses and customers. These two segments completely depend on your emails that are a true source of information. This information is indeed the foremost communication network. The picture does not get any better than opting for an email marketing provider whose prime objective is to provide the highest priority is to create an all-encompassing email strategy and offer its client maximum gain.

Would it be pertinent to ask what the output is? The truth is, despite brainstorming detailed email strategies, their loopholes, and proper execution processes, only a handful of companies include email validation as one of the key tools in their arsenal. 85% of all businesses and client handling completely depend on email marketers for disseminating information as to their top sales strategy since research and evidence prove emails to be the most effective channel of marketing.

Your email hard bounce, dead-lock email accounts add up and block your effective contact list resulting in a loss in revenue and time. With the new mantra called ”email validation,’ we have mapped both what’s indeed the necessity and what needs to be removed to craft the most ‘effective email marketing process’.

Here’s our simple guide to smart Email Validation Tips:

Identify and filter your audience that wants your emails to hit their mailbox

Hefty Internet Research stats reveal the reason why email marketing companies are chosen by companies to handle their email marketing task. An interesting yet captivating data states the total number of emails that float across the globe is weirdly believed to soar high by the year-end. Amongst those who use the email would double and these intellectual lotuses between 15mins to 65 minutes checking promotional emails each week (as reported by ChoozOn)

It does not surprise at all that over 80% of B2B markets use the internet and predominantly content marketing and what happens to those who move on and change their email addresses.

The list of an unwanted lot can add up and clog the system since these emails are abandoned by their owners. Every new company depends on the email databank at the point of sale or from the mobile point of view, hence while one is trying to verify the information on the handset, the user likely feeds in the wrong email which he might not realize at that time and thus the effort is wasted.

This is just one of the examples that leave you to skirmish to hit the primary target’s mailbox, one must update the email list regularly to make the most of the ROI that email marketing has to offer. It is also understood that the more your email bounces you are most likely to get a reduced Sender Score. A sender score is a number between 0 -100 that determines your sender reputation and indicates how mailbox benefactors opinionated your IP address. Email providers take a variety of specs into account to regulate your sender score or sender reputation including spam, complaints, sending emails to dead ends or unknown users, blacklisted email addresses, etc… 

We provide you answers to the most asked question of 2020 “Why should companies and clients NOT skip email validation?”

If you fall into the category of customers who believes that checking the validation of email addresses is not an important task, we will share a few well researched and interesting facts we have derived from our own experience  

Comprehending the advantages of email-validation

Email validation is the most impending explanation of the widespread imprecise or uncontrolled email addresses. Use of the Email-validation process has stepped up to keep all your reliable subscribers and potential leads highly interested which eventually leads to great marketing yields. 

While one uses an email validation system, they include the insta-verification of email addresses from the list and help identify the dead-end emails and the active ones. This saves your sender’s repute and also helps maintain the accuracy of data.

“If you are conducting an email campaign or a product launch–you tend to shoot thousands of emails–how effective this campaign is, will be categorical by the number of accurate emails in your list”

email validation

A well-thought marketing plan impacts your savings and ultimately increases your ROI. Every email that is sent somehow amounts to a certain $ cost, hence your marketing content that hits the dead-ends and non-existent email addresses directly impacts your money spent. Having a valid list results in higher ROI. Business refers to the invested dollars and the yield at the end of every campaign when the results are overwhelming–your email strategies automatically result in a positive gain and your bottom line shows significant variance. Thus email validation is critical when planning an email marketing campaign for your brand.

High-integrated data insights and Segmentation 

Having a non-validated email list will result in purposeless insights. The trends and statistics obtained as a result of the email campaigns will be poor and not valid for future engagements of marketing strategies. Data insights are crucial to analyze the return on investment. Email validation list will keep us informed as to who is our existing users and potential target since they are active and using your company’s services and products–this is one of the most important data insights.

Most importantly, this data will show us how to further segment our target market and brainstorm the email marketing initiatives. Each of the segmented groups can be sent information they are keen to receive and respond, hence sending separate messages or content to segmented groups often shows an upward surge of demand.

Heightened and improved repute      

Excessive bounce percentage is an indicator of spam emails, this is exactly why senders repute drops and once the rank falls the deep threshold mark-there is every possibility, your account will be ‘blacklisted’

The bounce rate is directly proportional to other email providers banning your service forever, what is most hampered is your repute. None of the businesses wants to be called a ‘spammer’ hence Email-validation is extremely critical, it goes a long way to maintain your market status and be known as a responsible brand with all Email services providers, Internet service providers, and predominantly your target audience.

The main objective of all of us is to be well equipped and prepared to handle the emails as expected and keep amending our processes whenever required. One cannot depend on the subscribers to keep you updated on their amended email addresses, hence implementing the email validation mechanism (as you say) helps to be stable, reputable, and yield maximum benefits of an email marketing campaign.

Email validation- the Smart instinct 

“Email-validation is surely here to stay- it simply assures that each email list is accurately formatted and operates on the latest Internet technology to weed out a poor, unacceptable and defunct email at the point of entry itself”