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Email Marketing Insights /Analytics You Should Know In 2020

Most of the time we realize our resources are absolutely limited, and since we do not want to waste any of our productive time and hard-earned money–we resort to options that our business can afford and can implement and put to the right use. What your business must not ignore is opting for a tool that is valuable and offers yield- we are referring to email marketing here.

Now the question is when there are so many ways to communicate with your client and reach out to them, why do we opt for email marketing as the most useful tool.

Email Marketing does much more than simply sending emails to your mailbox, to understand how it works, what its impact is on the business, and its credibility–it is important we look at the benefits that email marketing provides and also the stats.

How about taking a quick tour of the email marketing statistics and then decide on your own if this is what you want?

Unveiling the Email Marketing stats in 2020

Well, do not get carried away by the author’s opinion–you judge the facts on your own. We have made your task easier and have stated facts and opinions separately.

So what is your way of segregating realities from opinions? That’s numbers and nothing else.

Do you think email marketing is glorified?


  • The YEAR 2018 witnessed a whooping run-of-the-mill of 294 billion emails sent & received every day.
  • Approx. 90% of marketers depend on email marketing to promote and generate leads.
  • The year 2019 witnessed an unsubscribe and spam rate of merely 0.2%
  • The same year the email open ratio/rate was at its best of 22%
  • More than 85.2% of all working professionals make emails their primary communication channels.
  • For most parts of Europe and North America, the smart concept of email marketing is considered the most preferred technology.
  • 92.6% B2B marketers use email as the most opted and dependent channel for sharing content.
  • Half the professional community considers email as the first communication tool.
communication tool

Significance of smart and strategized email-marketing in the year 2020

What makes email marketing the most preferred? Is it the profitable ROI or the multifaceted conversions–Let’s run through a quick start?

  • Out of all emails sent, 21.4% of emails are click opened in the 1st hour of receipt.
  • The market boasts a 4400% return [eg $44 for every dollar spent]
  • More than 58.6% of B2B marketing professionals prefer email marketing for their leads
  • If compared with social media leaders, email marketing is almost 40.2% effective in converting leads.
  • Email Loyalty programs work best with email marketing, almost 37% compared to social media and websites 13% and 11% respectively.
  • Stats record more than 50% of customers are influenced by marketing and promotional emails.
  • Clients prefer using email marketing since it has a record of 85% lead generation, 84% sales, and 77% lead generation and retains customers up to 73%.
B2B Content Marketing

Understanding the effective frequency and time

If the topic is email conversion–it becomes imperative to understand when to, how many times. 

Our stats reveal that more than 60% of the subscribers prefer receiving launch/promotional emails every week, and 38% subscribers at a higher frequency.

  • The frequency of marketers connecting with the client is almost 32% (those who connect with clients 2-3 times a week), 19% (for those clients who connect once), and 16% (those clients who connect more than six times)
  • Research states that more than 26% of the subscribers like to view, read and respond to the promotion before they decide to purchase a product.
  • Most of the marketers send their mails on Thursday and it has more than 18% better yield.
  • Avoid sending emails or promotional e-mailers on weekends–they have the least open rates 
  • The most preferred time to send mail is between 11 AM and 12 Noon–they show the maximum Click to Read rate.
  • Note: 62% of the marketers claim there isn’t any RIGHT moment to send emails since each business is different and has different requirements.
  • Proven Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as the most preferential days for sending emails- best being Tuesday followed by Thursday and then Wednesday.
best way to send emails

Email marketing through the automation sending option

How can you automate your email sends?

If you are still contemplating about the fact whether to opt for email marketing this year or just continue the tradition of do-it-yourself mode? You are pushing away the opportunity since it will bring you some time and money-well it is not true.

Understand the stats:

More than 51.2% of the enterprises and companies use automation of email services

62.4% of the B2B marketers and respondents believe they cannot do without email automation techniques

So what are the key takes?

  • It saves time (almost 31%)
  • Generates Leads (almost 21%)
  • Better revenue (18%)
  • Retains Clients (10%)
  • 67.5% of marketers rely on smart email automation, as it has a positive impression and effect on their business.
  • 31.1% of marketers rely on that automation of email services not only brings you buffer time, but it also helps generate positive leads (21.2%) and accelerates revenue yield (18%).
  • Triggered emails show an 8 times higher open rate and great revenue than generic mass emails.
  • Automation tools are put to the right use for shooting all categories of email
    – Introductory emails (47%)
    – Launch and promotional email (46%)
    – email transactional (27.9%)
    – alerts and invites (26.8%)
    – article updates (26%)
    – Sales emails (23%)

Email segmentation and creating personalized emails

Have you ever wondered how and what you can do to make your customer feel good as they are being important, what is it you can do to make your client feel special–well one thing that is influencing and impactful is email segmentation and creating personalization?

What was the most effective strategy of 2017 is now a necessity?

Stats show that segmented email campaigns prove 51% better yield than the one which is not targeted.

The three key elements that help get a higher Open rate (up to 81%) exceeded customer satisfaction (up to 58%) personalization, segmentation, and creating target buckets. 

Open Rate
  • Approximately 57.9% of revenue is generated using email segmentation 
  • 62% of email marketers feel that using email personalization is the most operative technique.
  • Most of the email that is segmented results in email campaigns open ratio and shows a positive rise to 38.8%; revenue, email deliverability, and generates positive leads for Sales all increased by 25%, transactions–17%.
Email List Segmentation

The impactful subject line, email main content, and sign off

We share with you the most impactful potion for perfect email deliverability 

  • Almost 50% of the recipients open their emails just by reading the subject line
  • It is noted that 58% of people report email as SPAM just by looking at the content of the subject line
  • Introductory emails, also called welcome emails, yield 300% more results than promotional emails.

Open rate based on the words or characters used in the subject

  • If the words are 6-10 in number–21.2%
  • If the words are 11-15 in number–13.8%
  • If the number of words is 16-20 in number–12 %
  • If your email has ‘fwd.’, there is a chance that your email will just be passed 

Using Images and Pictures

The email contains content, and that is no doubt very impactful since it gives you the information, but appearance plays an important role. Both content and images together make a relevant email marketing campaign.

  • 72% of viewers and subscribers prefer having an image in the e-mailer.
  • Emails that contain graphics/infographics show a 27% higher open rate than emails with only texts.
  • 75% of viewers and recipients close the email or disconnect if it takes more than 4-5 seconds to open. Images create impact but do result in heavy mails.
  • 42% of viewers prefer just reading the email if the downloading of images takes time.
  • Recommended keep the text to image ratio as 4:1
Emails ratio

Email Marketing has undoubtedly come a long way right from simple messages to global messages. In the year 2019–the users all across the globe amount to approximately 3.8. The data is bound to grow to approx. 4.31 billion users in the next 3 years. This is around the calculation of almost half the population. The data states that email marketing across the world will present us an opportunity that will clearly declare it a winner. If you are planning to initiate business, irrespective of how small or big the business is, -email marketing will give you the apt opportunity and power to reach people every day for 365 days, the benefits of getting more while investing less in the new mantra. Email no doubt is a better more refined way to connect, contact and communicate.

What is required is to build a well-strategized plan, engage and make users look for more, they should wait for you to communicate, and getting users engaged through emails, newsletters, and e-mailers is indeed a great way to stay interactive?

Smart techniques such as adding videos show a jump of over 300% in the user click and read rates. Some Marketers these days are using sliders, GIFs, and foldable menus that take your email campaigns a notch high.

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