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Email Delivery in Spotlight – 7 Things the Sender Should Know

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Email Delivery in the Spotlight

Some of the key efficiencies of email communication are perfect delivery, pure productive gain, concise content, and elements that engage–the question as to how one can better the email program management needs a deeper insight than expected. Almost all email programs are doing a decent job across the globe, yet the answer as to how many dollars are you yielding every $1 is important. The question that needs an answer is would you invest in an email delivery program that is future-ready and productive–the answer will be yes.
Understanding the most crucial differentiator between a successful email brand and developing or emerging email brands is quite interesting. Surprisingly, there are no magic formulas that can show better performance (151) but few smart techniques can do you the right job.
Defining a new productive and concrete result involves right from draft to mails hitting the inbox and taking center stage. All the systematic involvement, planning, and strategies end up in classic processes and become email marketers favorite –
Here’s all you need to know about what are the most important things the sender should know.

Email Authentication–a must

Like smart technology, the one good element you can add to accelerate your email deliverable is authentication. There are various protocols [Domain keys Identification Mail] [Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance] [Sender Policy Framework] that govern and inform the mailbox who the sender is and how authentic the email is.

  • [DKIM] Domain Keys Identification Mail – is a systematic and full proof authenticating technique that permits the recipient to verify that an email has been mailed and its owner has been authorized by the domain. This practice is done by adding a digital signature to the email.
  • [SPF] Sender Policy Framework–Another authentic email authentication process that enables the identification of fake addresses during the process of email delivery. This Sender Policy Framework is only able to identify a fake sender which is claimed in the envelope of the email sent and is only used when the email bounces back.
  • [DMARC] Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance–This is a systematic protocol that primarily used SPF and DKIM to verify the authentication of the email message. It does not function independently.

This will improve the email delivery of your email campaigns.

The opt-in process to be simple and clear

When it is time to introduce your emails to a prospect, it is important to map and be prepared right from the beginning that your recipient or subscriber can opt out with few simple clicks or from what they are accepting to receive the subscription. A clear and simple Opt-in process gives them the option to choose as they wish and receive emails from the sender till such time they want to receive.
IN cases where the opt-in process is not clear, you might unknowingly include addresses onto your key email list of receivers who are not keen on receiving emails from you.
Honestly, you would not want such email addresses to be part of your target list; the higher flow of messages to such receivers often results in your mails being diverted to spam folders, and you get blacklisted.

Ensure your messages are concise and focused

Try and get the subject and body content exactly as it is preferred by readers. Concise emails are a hit and well appreciated by readers and subscribers.

Tips for drafting concise emails for absolute delivery

  • Bullets – Use bullets to express your ideas
  • Simple sentences -Keep in mind short and simple sentences are preferred globally
  • Format- The email format should be clear and understandable

Those of us who take the time to draft email content are the ones who earn dividends from your readers. By keeping the email crisp, short, and focused–you have already won half the battle, persuading them further to get your points across is critical, hence, experts advise to only write content that makes sense and short you will see receivers will immediately respond. Those emails which have thousand words description and stretched topics are not well accepted and most of the time parked for later read (which never gets the attention)

Note: If you have to explain what the right time to have lunch is, you do not need to explain where to buy the ingredients from.

Is all your email reaching the subscribers?

One of the most interesting facts about email delivery is the fact that even if your report shows ‘0’ spam and your delivery score is excellent-there might be a possibility of your emails not reaching the right mailboxes. Just like an ordinary email, the sender’s mail might be hitting the spam folder without the receiver having any idea. This means that your email is hitting the subscriber’s mailbox but those emails are being filtered to a Spam folder.

One of the reasons why you need to be careful, experts state that email provides such as Google’s Gmail or Hot mail do have their way to filter and send mails into the receiver’s inbox and this measure needs to be addressed.

Different Mailbox providers offer a different experience

Every mailbox providers have their advantages and categories set. Yahoo mail looks and behaves differently than outlook. If you analyze well, you will find that the delivery rate of each mailbox differs from the other. Some mailboxes might be offering optimum yields whereas some are lagging.

HandySends delivery experts do continuously monitor, supervise, and execute various performing metrics across the competitive providers and amend changes and edits, which can wade of the weak factors. They are good at identifying the dipping areas and clearly distinguish the negative variances that influence delivery rate and performance directly. These pertinent insights and metrics go a long way in turning your basic email programs into effective email delivery.

Handle and manage Mail stream Repute

It is advisable to separate both transactional emails and promotional email messages since they hold different repute.

The transactional emails were sent by the sender based on the recipient’s response; here the recipient or the subscriber has approved receiving the messages. Since this is self-opted the subscriber receives a huge flow of email messages resulting in the maximum open and click rates and higher engagement ratio–the email providers do see this flow as an acceptable trend and a positive sign from the receiver.

On another hand, promotional messages present a rosy image. Though you try your best to send valuable information to the recipient, you fail as the mailbox has less engagement compared to the transactional email, this triggers a doubt badly thus mail stream falls into the grey area.

The right measure is by decoupling the email stream- you will accelerate the chances and experts feel this would resolve the audience interaction and preference. Another great way to improve your email delivery system.

Identify when to send and when not to send an email

This is alarming if you intend to send an email message to more than the usual number because it is a sale season. Well, the moment mail providers detect the higher flow of emails they might tag it as a negative flow and immediately audit the inbox.

If your marketing team plan is a great festive offer during Christmas and Thank giving and you want the message to reach the clients well in their mailboxes- the first attempt should be to start sending emails well in advance, plan well, and refrain from negative audits. Keep sending more emails at least three months in advance so the mailbox providers are used to the email flow. A sudden spurt of email or volume rampage might lead to more negative than positive results.

Email delivery involves a neat practice that establishes you as a legitimate sender. If you implement the right measures, you can initiate a great reputation with the top mailbox providers across.

Top tips For Email Delivery

  1. Never send emails to recipients who are not on your subscriber’s list
  2. Be clear & concise–do not beat around the bush-be focused
  3. Ensure you refrain from hard-bounces (means do not attempt to send emails to invalid email addresses)
  4. Filter Complaints and unsubscribed email list
  5. Strike off the subscribers who do not meet your target criteria (one who mistakenly subscribes)
  6. Make sure all authentication protocols are followed.
  7. Test your emails before sending (Proofreading and testing is a necessity)