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5 Effective ways to use Email List for Better Engagement

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What is the best way to increase your email list and add value–the various ways you used to induce or invite your client to add to your email list the more approachable they become? We will share the most effective and proven resolutions as to how you can improve your email list and that too with an apt and accurate email list.

What is most interesting is that every 6 months your email list will get curtailed and the data will change for various reasons, yet the challenge remains to keep your email list updated:

Want to know how to effectively use an Email list?

  • Draft engaging email content–content that transmutes to leads
  • Try to segment your email list to look for the target audience who will contribute with passion.
  • Ensure your email is updated regularly 
  • Understanding email engagement (the definition)
  • Top effective ideas to improve email engagement 
  • What are email engagement metrics?

Understanding Email Engagement:

Email engagement means having your receivers connected with apt and engaging content. The stats that show the email engagement and constitute the email metrics are the reader’s open rate, readers’ click rate, and overall conversion rate.

How do you measure Email Engagement and what are the key elements that our measure depends on? How do you define “achievement or accomplishment”?

  1. How will customer behavior towards your email add value to you (and them)?
  2. How Email metrics matter (such as read opens rate or click rate) do they each need improvement?
  3. Are there any long-term influences for each email or chain of emails 

Do keep the above questions in mind when creating your email campaign plan and the right strategy. Implement the Top 5 Guidelines for enhanced email engagement.

Top 5 practical tips to boost sales & Leads

Email engagement Stats shows a whopping 43.5% likes from Customers who have consented to receive email notifications, promotional emails, and also updates from their chosen brands or trending brands.

Yes, you read it just right?

Viewers who voluntarily agreed to receive your email list show that they are ok to receive emails from you  – but if you witness that they are talking on a different level or tone you must be careful that the trigger to change your email content is now. 

The quite obvious reason might be your competition has got hold of them and are sending better information and more presentable than what you are doing.

It is imperative to feel that every email determines their engagement and thus the following 5 email engagement boosters are as under:

  1. Practice social identity
  2. Share insightful facts and not boring ones
  3. Rejoice in their accomplishments
  4. Share target based recommendations
  5. Create emails that are informative and not just for promotions

What to keep in mind while drafting email: Is your email is secure and safe? What is it that excites the subscribers? What is it that will make my emails interesting? What should be my Plan B if my existing email does not work?

Are you surprised to read the questions over which wriggle your mind all the time? Well, these are important questions as it not only bothers the email aspiring companies but also those who are already into it.

Sending emails to those who accepted to receive emails from you is not an effective strategy. All subscribers are smart people and remember they are been contacted by service vendors across the globe, so identify what these subscribers will be interested in? How can you make your emails exciting and engaging? What should be the flow of contents be? When should you send these emails? 

Here’s what you need to know–unveil 5 Effective ways to use Email List:

  1. Do have a simple Target in mind

First, clarify your mind – are you sending an email, mailer, or newsletter? For every email campaign, the answer to the above question must be ready in your mind and the same will show on your action that will follow.

Will you send your email with a promotional offer or you want your first email to be plain and unpretentious? Keep your strategy SIMPLE! If you wish to explain everything in the first email-it might not interest the reader since no one has time to read such long emails, try to implement these actions :

  • Launch a product
  • Promote an event
  • Selling something new
  • Subscribe option 
  1. Catchy Subject line

Most of the time you tend to take hours to draft an email whereas you take less than a minute to write the subject line. Hence that ends up being an uninteresting reading matter such as those of Weekly Updates, Message, and News or simply April News blog.

If such are your subject line, only 0.9% of the viewers will click to read the content. What is the use of sending an email with such a mind-numbing subject line?

One has to keep in mind, you have subscribers does not guarantee that they will remain your subscribers for life and they will read everything you send; hold on–if you are not serious about what you are sending and how; you might not be able to see the results you expect. All your efforts go in vain. 

38% of your subscribers open the mail based on the subject line 

66% of the emails are reported based on the subject title

You must create a catchy subject line that yields anxiousness and the timing of posting your email is also crucial. 

  1. Don’t be too formal

The first thing first–address your recipient by the first name and also sign your name with a signature. Try and approach the emails, in the same way, you will approach messages and your phone calls–means with the utmost care and attention.

Clear message and ‘focused content’ makes an impact

It will give the message a bespoke touch.

Another way you can engage your reader more is by segmenting your email. When you plan to send a mail for Golf enthusiasts, why would you send a putting class mail to a wine lover? Why would an architect, hence segmenting your email list, is crucial?

  1. Try to be as professional as possible

No matter what brand you represent, the email communication must read with a professional tone. You may keep it in a conversation format but ensure you use every word well thought, no profanity or loud words allowed.

Your approach needs to be taken into account and does check the spellings and grammar check as a priority after the draft. Finding a typo or a grammar miss puts your image off track which you would not encourage for sure.

While drafting an email do remember not to run through–try and follow the DEIP check (draft, edit, improve and proofread)

Irrespective of who drafts the email–make sure you have the content reread by some added pair of every before it gets sent out to your prospective clients.

  1. Have you thought enough about (CTA)?

Subscribers will only be tempted to download when the CTA (Call to Action) directs the subscriber to the appropriate search.

If you are promoting a product online, do make sure your CTA points the same or at least directs the reader to the right content. 

Other than including the CTA direction within the content, they implanted a downloadable link in the form of CTA

Email marketers are known for their email campaigns and express marketing methodologies. 97% of the Email Marketers emphasize increasing their email list and do not think about the segmentation until they are asked to. If we want email engagement concerning email marketing, we are referring to options wherein readers will click the email.

Talking about email engagement–we emphasize engaging the reader to click after reading and complete the CTA–which eventually gives us data that goes into the email bank. Increasing your overall engagement takes strategy and the right execution of the strategy.