Transactional Email Templates with HTML Editing

With HandySends transactional templates, marketers, developers, and designers can work together in-application to edit and create transactional email templates which enables marketers to maintain control of their content and developers to focus on the technical implementation.


Email Template Library

Store, view, and edit all of your transactional templates in one place. With your templates at your fingertips, marketers have the ability to modify template versions without the aid of a developer.


Code Editing Made Easy

Marketers and developers alike can easily import and modify email template code using an HTML editor. Paste in your own HTML, then efficiently edit using split screen code/preview panes and scroll syncing.

Design Utility With HTML Power

Quickly create or modify template designs using our design editor. Simply drag content modules into the email and use visual formatting to customize. Also, enjoy per-module HTML editing, custom code modules, and the ability to import a custom HTML email using drag & drop markup.


Powerfully Dynamic

Send highly targeted emails without worrying about dangerous deploys or bloated code. With native support for Handlebars syntax dynamic templating, you can store and manage content from within your HandySends templates.

Send Templates Via API

Our easy-to-use SMTP and Web APIs allow developers to programmatically create, manage, and send multiple templates. Our robust API documentation walks through the API in detail.


Enabling a template via SMTP API